Seminars for Instructors

The FBZHL offers a wide range of seminars for instructors:

  • If you are interested in interdisciplinary workshops for higher education teaching, we invite you to explore our seminar offerings at the basic and advanced levels.
  • If you have completed our certificate program at the advanced level, the specialization level offers you the opportunity to further professionalize and reflect on your teaching.
  • Furthermore, you will find qualification measures specially designed for the faculties or individual chairs/departments of FAU.


Our Seminar Program at the Basic and Advanced Levels

Our basic and advanced seminar program is open to teachers at all Bavarian universities. Each semester, we organize about 30 workshops on various topics of higher education teaching to support instructors in designing their courses or lectures in an educationally thoughtful, competence-oriented, and reflective manner.

You can find the range of workshops and register for them at


Further Information for Participation


Our seminars include events…

… of the basic level, which we recommend to novice instructors without previous knowledge of higher education teaching, e.g.

  • Introduction to Higher Education Teaching,
  • Basics of public speaking/rhetoric,
  • Basics of testing,
  • Evaluation and feedback,
  • Basics of counseling.

… of the advanced level, which we recommend to advanced instructors. They often build on knowledge from basic courses and cover topics such as

  • Activating teaching methods,
  • Vocal training,
  • Oral examinations,
  • Reflecting on one’s teaching personality,
  • Conflict and negotiation.

Content areas

Our seminars are divided into the following content areas:

  • Area A: Teaching and Learning Concepts
    e.g. planning a course, using methods, e-learning, promoting motivation, teaching with international students
  • Area B: Presentation and Communication
    e.g. public speaking, presenting, visualization, conversational skills, moderation
  • Area C: Examination
    e.g. conception and conduct of examinations, examination law, examination anxiety
  • Area D: Reflection and Evaluation
    e.g. evaluation and feedback, attitude and role understanding of teachers, reflection of the teaching personality
  • Area E: Advising and Mentoring
    e.g. advising students, organizing office hours, conversation techniques, supervising student work, conflict management


Our prices are based on the study units (AE) of a seminar (1 AE = 5 EUR). Teachers who are employed part-time* are entitled to pay the reduced price (1 AE = 3 EUR).

Seminar duration
Regular price Reduced price*
2,0 days or 16 AE
80 EUR 48 EUR
1,5 days or 12 AE
60 EUR 36 EUR
1,0 day or 8 AE
40 EUR 24 EUR
0,5 day or 4 AE
20 EUR 12 EUR

Prices may vary in exceptional cases – for example, in intensive workshops with fewer than 12 participants. Some workshops are free of charge if they are financed by BMBF funds.

Please transfer the participation fee at least six weeks before the start of the workshop. You will find the bank account details and the reason for payment in the e-mail you receive after booking the seminar.

The internal booking of your payment will take about 10 days and will be confirmed via e-mail.

Please direct any questions regarding payment to


* Discount for part-time employees up to 74.9% working hours. The fee is based on the total of all intramural and extramural professional activities.

Study units (Arbeitseinheiten, AE)

For each seminar attended, you will receive study units (AE) in an assigned content area. The number of study units is based on the length of the seminar: one study unit corresponds to one seminar hour (45 minutes).

Seminar duration
Study units (AE)
2 days 16
1,5 days 12
1 day 8
0,5 day 4

Certificate of Attendance

You will receive a certificate of attendance for each workshop. After we have verified your attendance when the seminar has ended, you can download it as a PDF file via This documents, in addition to your attendance at the seminar, the study units (AE), and the content area of a seminar.

In order to ensure a fair distribution of the study units, we have to deduct study units corresponding to the absence time (1 AE = 45 minutes) on the certificate in case of being absent for more than 45 minutes.

Participants must be present for at least 80% of the seminar time to receive a certificate.


Up to 14 days before the start of the seminar, you can cancel your registration for our open program seminars on your own and free of charge at

For later cancellations please send an email to

Short-term cancellation of seminars by the FBZHL may occur if there are valid reasons (e.g. illness of the course leader, low number of registrations).


After successful participation in our seminars, instructors can take part in the Certificate Program of the Bavarian Universities, which documents the FBZHL seminars they have attended. The certificate can be helpful for appointment procedures and job applications.