Introductory Course to Higher Education Teaching

Obtain the Certificate for Teaching in Higher Education in One Semester

Since the winter semester 2015/16, the Introductory Course to Higher Education Teaching has been an integral part of the FBZHL seminar program. Each semester, 12 instructors acquire 60 study units by participating in the introductory course and thus achieve the Certificate in University Teaching of the Bavarian Universities of the Basic Level.

What is special about the Introductory Course to Higher Education Teaching?

Combination of the Formats and Concepts

The participants will spend five seminar days together at the FBZHL. The remaining study units are awarded for participation in an online course, the development of a lesson plan, the preparation of a written reflection, and a peer observation.

Coherent Alignment of the Topics

The topics correspond to the content areas A to E, which form the basis of our seminar program and the certificate structure. The sequence of topics, the selection of content, and the organization of dates are sensibly coordinated and do not have to be organized by the participants themselves.

Working in Fixed Groups

The group is made up of 12 instructors who, due to their teaching experience, faculty affiliation, and respective subject cultures, can bring a wide variety of case studies and empirical values to the course. The collegial exchange within this fixed group always receives a special appreciation amongst the participants.

Interlocking Theory and Practice

The Introductory Course to Higher Education Teaching is not only about theory, but also about directly applying the acquired knowledge. Opportunities for practical transfer include, for example, developing a lesson plan or recording a short lecture on a camera. Participants receive professional feedback on both.

Mentoring throughout the Semester

A total of three lecturers are involved in the conducting the introductory course. The FBZHL team, consisting of Dr. Uwe Fahr and Ramona Zacherl, accompanies the course throughout the semester and is happy to answer any questions.

Who can attend the Introductory Course in Higher Education Teaching?

Teachers at a Bavarian university who regularly attend the face-to-face sessions and are willing to do additional work on their own.

What else should you know?

The Introductory Course to Higher Education Teaching does not lead to the Certificate in Medical Didactics, but only to the Certificate in Higher Education Teaching of the Bavarian Universities at the Basic Level.