Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

Researching your own teaching – SoTL@FAU

Are you interested in subjecting your teaching to rigorous analysis? Do you wish to showcase your educational accomplishments in your publications? If so, our support for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning could be the perfect fit for you. We provide assistance in methodology and content and serve as your partner in conducting your study and publishing the results.

What is the SoTL?

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) – this means investigating one’s own academic teaching. This is not done by experts from other disciplines, such as psychologists, but by the instructors themselves. In a scientific attitude – the attitude of the researcher – towards one’s own teaching, educational approaches are examined: for their viability, their effectiveness, and their potential for improvement.

The results are either published or made available to the public – at least within the university. In other words, you improve your teaching, provide it with a solid foundation, and at the same time contribute to research in your discipline.

The landmark study by Ernest L. Boyer (1928-1995) Scholarship Reconsidered (1990) recalled the central importance of scholarship. This gave rise internationally to the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning movement which, along with professional journals and conferences, has brought with it a vibrant international culture of inquiry into one’s own teaching. Science and Higher Education Teaching owe important and above all very practice-oriented insights to this movement.

How does FBZHL support me in my SoTL project?


In our own events as well as in the course of the specialization level, we will show you the basics, the approach, and examples of SoTL projects. This will give you a solid foundation for your own project.


You have questions regarding research methods or pedagogical-educational issues? If so, we can provide you with support in individual consultations.

Teaching Circle

Have you achieved a professorship or the specialization level certificate? Then you can participate in our Teaching Circle. Current SoTL projects at FAU are discussed there. You will receive suggestions and feedback.


We organize intramural events in which SoTL projects at FAU are presented. In this way, we contribute to the discussion on innovative teaching at FAU.


If possible, we will support you in publishing your results – for example, on our blog Infothek Lehre, in journals, or in books.