Project QUADIS – Improving the Quality of Technology-Enhanced Teaching at Bavarian Universities

The Centers for Professional Development in Higher Education at Bavarian universities were successful in the call for proposals by the Stiftung Innovation in der Hochschullehre (Foundation for Innovative Teaching in Higher Education) in 2020. The project “Improving the Quality of Technology-Enhanced Teaching at Bavarian Universities” (QUADIS) was approved in May 2021. The idea is to provide the entire range of professional training programs as a blended learning offering, thereby improving the learning experience and further developing the individual teaching persona.

Project Measures

Developing blended-learning offers for training

The blended learning seminars will be developed through a peer-review process. They aim to demonstrate, in an exemplary way, how digital teaching can be effectively implemented and highlight the pedagogical advantages. The decision was deliberately made to avoid a purely digital offering as professional development in higher education thrives on personal interaction and discussion. All working materials will be simultaneously produced in English to better cater to internationalization in higher education didactics. They will be designed to be accessible from the start and will be publicly available as Open Educational Resources (OER). More information can be found here.

Promoting discourses on technology-enhanced teaching

Mit dem Diskurs zu digital gestützter Lehre sollen mehr Lehrende für die Hochschuldidaktik, auch in ihrer digitalen Variante, interessiert werden. Sie werden durch zahlreiche Anregungen dazu inspiriert, Lehrinnovationen zu generieren und diese mit anderen Lehrenden zu teilen. Dazu werden Symposien durchgeführt und Fach- und Arbeitsgruppen Lehrender initiiert und begleitet. Weitere Informationen finden Sie hier.

The discourse on technology-enhanced teaching aims to generate more interest among instructors for higher education teaching, including its digital variants. Instructors will be inspired to generate teaching innovations and share them with others through various suggestions. This will be achieved through symposia, as well as the initiation and support of subject-specific and working groups for instructors. More information can be found here.

Supporting the transfer of teaching innovations into everyday teaching

To facilitate the transfer, all consortium partners will conduct teaching workshops for small groups of instructors. Various methods previously used at different locations of the training centers for higher education teaching will be further developed and exchanged. After the project ends, the selection of transfer measures will be made available to all centers for professional development in higher education for future use.



QUADIS Symposium

From October 9th to 11th, 2023, the fourth QUADIS Symposium on the topic “Brückenschlag: Lernprozesse in analogen, hybriden und digitalen Formaten” (“Bridging the Gap: Learning Processes in Analog, Hybrid, and Digital Formats”) will take place at the University of Bamberg and FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg. The 8th Teaching Day of FAU will also be held as part of this event. All information regarding the symposium can be found here.