New Service for FAU Instructors: Teaching Analysis Poll (TAP) – a Formative Evaluation Instrument

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Do you find little constructive feedback from the traditional end-of-semester evaluations? Would you like to engage in a conversation with your students about effective teaching and learning conditions? Are you seeking open feedback on your teaching activities? Then we warmly invite you to participate in a Teaching Analysis Poll (TAP)!

Formative evaluation of teaching is one of the strongest factors influencing learning outcomes (cf. Hattie, 2015). In contrast to summative evaluations at the end of the semester, formative evaluations in the middle of the semester provide instructors with the opportunity to reflect on ongoing teaching and learning processes together with students and make changes if necessary during the ongoing semester. The guided and qualitative format allows for engaging in a constructive dialogue about effective teaching and learning conditions.

In this professional development format, you have the opportunity to individually, qualitatively, and formatively evaluate your own teaching during the winter semester 2023/24 – with the support of the Center for Higher Education (FBZHL).

How the TAP works:

  1. Kick-off seminar: You will learn about the TAP method and understand why formative evaluations serve the qualitative advancement of your teaching.
  2. Preliminary discussion: Together with an expert for higher education teaching and learning from the FBZHL or specially trained student moderators, you will define the goals and process of your personal TAP.
  3. Implementation of the TAP in your course with an expert for higher education teaching and learning or student moderation. In your absence, students have the opportunity to discuss appraisal and suggestions for improvement.
  4. Follow-up discussion: You will receive the processed and anonymized feedback from your students, as well as joint exploration of further options for improving your teaching.
  5. In a short report, you will reflect on the method and its added value for your teaching activities.

The TAP can be conducted in a virtual teaching and learning setting or as an in-person event.

We would be delighted if we have sparked your interest. This offering is financially supported by the FAU Teaching Innovation Fund.

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Hattie, J. (2015). The applicability of Visible Learning to higher education. Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Psychology, 1 (1), 79-91.